How to Remove Mildew from a Hot Tub

What You'll Need
Rubber Gloves (Hard or soft)
Safety Goggles
A Mild Detergent
Some Strong Bleach
1.5 Gallons of Water
A Soft Brush/Sponge
A Clean Cloth/Rag

Removing Mildew from a hot tub is neither a clean or easy job. A great deal of time and effort needs to be spent in order to maintain an investment that would have already been a considerably expensive addition to a home. 

By using some very basic tools and following a logical sequence of steps, removing mildew from a hot tub is a job that you can carry out personally to good effect. 


Step 1 – Make Up Your Solution

Making your actual cleaning ingredient is a very simple process. You should be able to find the ingredients around the house. Making the solution is straightforward and can save a considerable amount of money when compared to purchasing new cleaning liquids.

Take a teaspoon of the detergent and mix it with a small amount of bleach. Add it to the 1.5 gallons of water and you will have a simple solution that can effectively kill mildew. 


Step 2 – Get Ready for the Hard Work 

Once the hot tub covers have been taken off and the solution has been made, all areas of the hot tub need to be scrubbed thoroughly with the solution. 

Make sure that hands and eyes are protected as using bleach can cause burning and stinging. Wear a ventilation mask if one is available, although this is not absolutely necessary. Be as efficient as possible with initial scrubbing because it will help in later steps. 


Step 3 – Brushing 

Take the soft brush or sponge and clean the areas of the hot tub where the covers rest. The covers can also be cleaned and particular attention should be paid to any corners or ridges. Re-scrub these areas with the brush to make sure they are completely clean. 

It is important not to soak your brush/sponge with the solution otherwise this may hamper the cleaning effect that your tools will have. Note that it may be difficult to get right down into the corners with the brush. In these instances, a small application such as an old toothbrush can be used. 


Step 4 – Foam Encasements 

Take your foam core encasements and covers and clean them each thoroughly. You can use the solution for this or a basic cleaning agent.

This is important because these are the parts that protect and seal off the hot tub. If they are not cleaned properly, it means that bacteria can easily enter the hot tub and mildew can re-form. 


Step 5 – Drying 

Place the covers and foam cores in a dry area. If you can place them out in the sun, they will dry quicker and the heat will kill off any bacteria and mould that may have been missed. 


Step 6 – Reassemble

Once every thing has dried out thoroughly simply spray the hot tub and covers with an anti-bacterial agent and the hot tub will be free of mildew and ready to use again.