How to Remove Mildew From a Wood Fence

What You'll Need
Pressure Washer (can be rented)
Pressure washer approved wood fence or deck cleaning solution
Wood stain

Removing mildew and algae from a wood fence is necessary to maintain the fence's appearance and to prevent harmful spores from germinating around your home. Cleaning the fence does not take much time with the correct tools, and will improve the appearance and life of the fencing. Make sure to purchase an environmentally friendly cleaning solution for the sake of your plants and pets. This article will discuss how to properly remove mildew from a wooden fence.

Step 1- Prepare the Pressure Washer

Tie back any shrubs or bushes. Read all directions for proper operation of the pressure washer, and add water as directed. Add cleaning agent, again as directed on the label and in accordance with the directions on the pressure washer. You will want to use the twenty-five degree tip.

Step 2- Wash the Fence

Start with the nozzle about two feet away from the fence, in an area that is not highly visible. Begin to wash the fence, paying careful attention to the effect on the wood. Pressure washers will damage the wood if used inappropriately. Continue to work around the fence.

Step 3- Stain the Fence

Apply stain or sealant to the fence according to the package directions.