How to Remove Mildew from the Interior of a Dishwasher How to Remove Mildew from the Interior of a Dishwasher

Although the dishwasher is used for cleaning the dishes every day, most of us seldom think of cleaning the dishwasher. There is a popular misconception that since hot water is used for rinsing kitchen utensils, interiors of dishwasher might be getting automatically cleaned. Just the water basin at the bottom of dishwasher has hot water, leaving the other parts (especially interiors and upper parts) that are exposed to mildew and mold infections. If your dishwasher is covered with mildew, the following steps can help you in cleaning it effectively.

  • Remove the racks and the silverware tray from the dishwasher. This allows you to access the corners and crevices of the dishwasher. Wash them with hot water to get rid of mildew that may have accumulated on them. Keep them aside to dry.
  • For cleaning the interiors, take a large bowl and add half a cup of white vinegar to 2 cups of hot water. Mix it thoroughly and use a sponge to apply and scrub the mixture thoroughly inside the dishwasher.
  • If you cannot clean the mildew completely using a sponge, then use an old toothbrush. 
  • Replace the racks and add some white vinegar to a small dishwasher-safe bowl. Place this bowl on top rack and start the dishwasher with highest level of heating available.  
  • After that put one cup of baking soda at the bottom of the dishwasher floor, and run the highest level of heating the second time. This is to clean any mildew-affected area that was missed during the vinegar treatment. Your dishwasher is now free of mildews or molds.

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