How to Remove Mineral Deposits from an Evaporative Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Mild Acid

Many people use an evaporative air cooler to keep their homes cooler in the summer rather than an energy-sucking air conditioner. Putting an evaporative air cooler away for the winter means that you must clean out the mineral deposits in the cooler left over from the water. Here are some helpful steps to follow to remove those mineral deposits:

Step 1: Drain Cooler 

Before applying any cleaning solutions you must completely drain the evaporative air cooler. Also, remove the evaporating pads and clean them in a vinegar and water solution. 

Step 2: Coat With Acid

Many hardware stores will have a mild acid solution that is made for mineral deposits on evaporative air coolers. It is mild enough not to be too harsh on the paint and metal, but strong enough to remove deposits. Use a brush and coat the areas that need to be cleaned. 

Step 3: Wipe Off

After the solution has set for a few hours, begin to clean the cooler by rubbing it with a coarse brush. Go over this with a rag to wipe out any deposits and solution. If you notice that there is still some deposits left, repeat the process. 

Step 4: Paint 

Before putting the cooler away for the season, you should spray paint the areas where you applied the acid solution after the mineral deposits are clear.