How to Remove Mold from Vinyl Siding

If you live in a warm humid climate, you may develop mold on your vinyl siding. It is very easy to clean this growth using items and products you probably already have in your own home.

Tools and Materials

  • Pressure Washer or Garden Hose With Spray Nozzle
  • Household Bleach
  • Scrubbing Rag
  • Sponge Mop (optional)

Step 1 - Prepare the Area Around Your Walls

Start by removing furniture, plants and anything that may be affected by the cleaning product you will use from the side of your house. As you will be spraying water, you may want to cover any light fixtures or electrical outlets for safety.

Step 2 - Rinse Your Siding

For this step, you may use a pressure washer if you have one available or a common hose with a spray nozzle. Spray your siding to remove any dirt or cobwebs that may be present. After spraying your siding, all that should remain is the mold growth.

Step 3 - Mix Your Cleaning Solution

For your mold killing solution, mix ¾-cup of household bleach per gallon of water. Make certain you cover your skin from coming into contact with the bleach solution by using rubber gloves and wearing long sleeves. It is also important to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Step 4 - Scrub the Mold Away

You can scrub away the mold spots with your cleaning solution using a rag and if you need to you can use a sponge mop for hard to reach areas. For areas that are saturated with stubborn mold, you can let the solution set on the areas a few minutes before scrubbing.

Step 5 - Rinse Your Siding Clean

Once the areas have been scrubbed clean, use your hose or power washer to rinse the cleaning solution off of your siding. This method will leave your siding looking great and prevent mold growth in the future.