How to Remove Mold from Wood Window Trim

gloved hand cleaning mold off a wooden window frame with a rag

Removing mold from wood window trim is essential in maintaining a healthy home and preserving the integrity of the wood. Mold is a fungus which reproduces and multiplies in warm and moist environments.

Wood is vulnerable to mold and mildew, and preventing them from forming is the best way to ensure that you won’t have a problem in the future. However, if your wooden window trim is already infested with mold, it is imperative that you quickly and completely remove it before it starts causing deeper problems.

window with bad mold problem inside

The Process of Removal

Mold can be dangerous, so it's important to begin the cleaning process at the first sign of formation, even if you can only smell the familiar moldy odor.

Wipe down all of the wooden surfaces with a mixture composed of three parts water and one part detergent. Repeat this process several times with several different cloths to ensure that the mold is completely removed.

Follow up by wiping down the wooden frames with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol. It's a good idea to use a hairdryer or fan on the treated wood to ensure that it is completely dry before considering the job done.