How to Remove Moss from Your Deck How to Remove Moss from Your Deck

What You'll Need
Garden Hose
Garden Sprayer Nozzle
Dishwasher Detergent
Strong Bristle Push Broom or Scrub Brush
Moss Killer (optional)

Moss grows typically in lightly shaded areas, with periods of sun. They can survive through the heat and cold and take a long time to grow. If you have an old deck with accumulated moss, follow these basic steps to remove the moss.

Step 1- Sweeping

Remove all debris from deck such as leaves and dirt. Sweep over areas with moss as well. This can help get rid of some of the bigger accumulations of moss.

Step 2- Wash Deck

Attach your garden sprayer nozzle to your garden hose. This will give you more control where you are spraying, as well as more power to do the job. Spray down your entire deck making sure to get in between all the cracks, and into the corners.

Step 3- Apply Soap And Water

Mix water with dishwasher detergent. A cup of dish soap per one gallon water should be a safe bet. You can use a regular dish detergent, but it will foam up everywhere. Apply water and detergent mixture to entire deck.

Step 4- Sweep Deck

Moving the push broom along concentrate on areas heavily affected with moss growth. The soap and water along with the motion from the broom should help to loosen and remove moss. For those tougher areas get down on your hands and knees with your scrub brush for a more focused removal. Make sure to get down into the cracks on your deck as the moss is most likely growing from these.

Step 5- Rinse Deck

Once again take out your garden hose and sprayer to thoroughly rinse deck off.

Step Six- Clean Up

Pick up all moss debris and properly dispose of into a garbage can.

If you still have moss that was not removed in the cleaning process then you may want to look into purchasing a moss killer. It is not recommended to power wash your deck as this can peel off paint you have applied or damage the wood itself. If you keep your deck clean and dry with regular maintenance you should not have to deal with moss on such a regular basis.

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