How to Remove Non-Skid Strips from Wood Stair Treads

What You'll Need
Hair Dryer
Mineral Spirits

Non-skid strips for wood stair treads are meant to be permanent, but you may find that you want to remove them. Removing a non-skid strip is an easy enough process, as long as you take your time.

Step 1 - Loosen the Strips

The best way to loosen the non-skid strips from the wood is to use heat. The heat will help destroy the bond that the adhesive has to the wood. You can use a hair dryer for this process, or if you have a heat gun handy, that is even better. Go slowly and heat the entire surface of the non-skid strip. When it is heated evenly, you can move on to scraping.

Step 2 - Scraping

Slide the scraper underneath one edge of the heated strip. Wiggle it a little until you have enough of the strip loose for a good grip. Now grip the strip with one hand and slowly pull it back. You can use the scraper to help with stubborn spots as you go.

Step 3 - Residue Cleanup

Once you have removed each of the strips using this process, you may still have some sticky residue left over. You can remove the residue with either WD-40 or mineral spirits. Just soak the area with either product and wipe with a clean rag. There is also a product called Goo Gone that can remove sticky residue from wood as well.