How to Remove Old Bolts from an Exhaust Manifold How to Remove Old Bolts from an Exhaust Manifold

What You'll Need
Penetrating spray
Box wrenches
Lock nuts
Socket set
Stud Puller

Not everyone with a car wants to remove an exhaust manifold from their vehicle. If you want the exhaust manifold of your car or truck to be modified with an exhaust manifold that is ceramic lined or steel coated, someone will need to remove the old manifold. The key to doing this is to do it without damaging the manifold or breaking the attaching bolts. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Remove Lock Nuts

Use a box wrench to remove lock nuts. With the nut’s cast lock facing outward, spin the first nut onto the threads that are exposed, then put the second lock nut on. The first and second nuts should be tight together.

Step 2 – Break the Bolt Free

Slip a socket wrench over the top lock nut and pull the wrench handles counter-clockwise until the bolt is free. If necessary tap the wrench handle with a hammer so that the bolt is forced in the counter-clockwise direction until it comes free. If you still cannot free the bolt, apply penetrating oil to the bolt, let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes, then try again.

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