How to Remove Old Cermaic Tile Sealer How to Remove Old Cermaic Tile Sealer

What You'll Need
Scrub brush
Strong detergent
Mineral spirit
Extra fine steel wool
Rubber gloves

Ceramic tile sealer may be removed before resealing or you can leave it in place and simply put another coat on top of it. If you wish to remove it this can be easily done.

Step 1 - Clean the Area

Remove all the canisters, toaster and other such things from your counter tops and wash with soap and water to remove all grease and food spills. It is very important that anything greasy or oily be removed so the new sealer will adhere properly.

Step 2 - Decide the Method

It is easier to remove the old sealer with a scrub brush and detergent if it will loosen that way. Since it is low odor and not quite as messy, try that technique first. Mix the hot water and detergent and scrub with the brush. You may also try dipping the fine steel wool into the mixture and rubbing to remove the sealer. Be careful not to rub so hard you scratch the surface of the tiles.

Step 3 - Other Method

If the soap and water doesn't work, then use the mineral spirits. Pour some mineral spirits into an old bowl or saucer and dip the steel wool into it. Use this to rub away the sealer. Be sure to wear your rubber gloves if you are using this method. When finished, wash with hot soap and water to remove residue.

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