How to Remove or Replace Brick Facing How to Remove or Replace Brick Facing

What You'll Need
1-inch wide masonry chisel
3-inch wide masonry chisel
Brick facing
Flat pry bar
Mixing paddle

Brick facing creates a clean and classic look, and it is available in many colors and formations. Brick facing is a veneer placed on a surface. The article below will show you how to remove brick facing and how to replace it.

Step 1 – Remove the Brick Facing

Brick facing is attached using mortar. Place the large chisel at a 45 degree angle at a corner. Gently tap it along the edge to release the mortar. Once the mortar is removed, insert the pry bar and leverage the brick facing from the wall.

Step 2 – Clean Up

Once the brick facing is removed, clean away the mortar. Use the small chisel and hammer to carefully chip away at the remaining mortar.

Step 3 – Installation

Place the new mortar in the bucket and add water to it according the instructions on the bag. Attach a paddle bit to the drill. Mix the mortar until it is the consistency of pudding. Apply it liberally over the wall with a trowel. Push the brick facing in place over the wall. Make sure it is centered and then apply pressure. Mortar the edges to finishing setting the brick facing.

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