How to Remove Paint from Cabinet Door Hinges

  • 2-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Plastic container
Paint remover
Rubber gloves
Wire brush
Metal polish

You do not have to replace your cabinet door hinges to create a new look in your kitchen. To help you save money, you can easily remove the paint that is currently on them. By doing this, you will not only save yourself some money, but you are also making a big change to your kitchen. Removing the paint from your cabinet door hinges is a very simple process that can be accomplished within a day.

Step 1: Remove Cabinet Doors

With a screwdriver, remove all of the cabinet doors that you are going to work on. By removing them all at the same time you are able to actually save time and do them all at once. Use a small piece of tape and number all the doors and the places where they go so you can easily re-install them in the proper places.

Step 2: Remove All Cabinet Door Hinges

Once the door are all off, you can now remove the cabinet door hinges. Set them aside in a plastic container along with the screws. Do not lose any of the screws or you will have to buy some replacement screws.

Step 3: Pour in Paint Remover

The easiest way to remove the paint from the cabinet door hinges is to let them soak in the paint remover. Pour in the remover into the plastic container until is covers all the pieces. Let them soak in it for at least 24 hours.

Step 4 - Remove Paint with Brush

After you let the cabinet door hinges soak in the paint remover for 24 hours a lot of the paint will be curdled and easy to remove. Use a wire brush and clean off the remaining paint. If you need to resoak it for some of the harder paint, you can do that while working on the other pieces. Brush the paint off, but be careful not to scratch up the metal too much.

Step 5 - Dry and Buff

Now that all the paint is off of the hinges, you will need to dry them and buff them to bring back a shine instead of a dull finish. Use a small amount of metal polish on a clean soft rag. Apply it to the hinges and rub the polish onto it. Let is dry to a flaky paste and then remove with another clean rag. Repeat this process with all of the cabinet door hinges until they all have a great shine to them.

Step 6 - Attach to Cabinet Doors

Lay the cabinet doors flat on the work surface and secure the cabinet door hinges to the doors with the screws. Screw them in straight and make sure you do not strip any of the screw heads.

Step 7 - Re-install Cabinet Doors

Lift the doors back into their proper places and secure to the cabinets with the hinge screws. You should see a dramatic improvement in the look of the cabinets now that the paint has been removed.