How to Remove Paint from Plastic Fascia

What You'll Need
A-frame ladder
Drop cloth

A plastic fascia can prove to be an ideal way to aid the purpose of the gutter while adding some decoration to your home. It is also possible to create a consistent look by painting it in a desired color. However, this creates a situation where it is useful to know how to remove the paint in case redecoration is required.

Step 1 – Remove Excess Paint

After laying the drop cloth on the floor of the area where you will be working, securely position the A-frame ladder to enable you to access the plastic fascia. Lay the edge of the scarper flat against the surface of the fascia and force it beneath the layer of paint to remove it. Continue with this process along the entire length.

Step 2 – Sand

In the event that some stubborn remnants of paint remain on the plastic fascia after it has been scraped, you will find that this can be removed by sanding. Use a fine grit to work it over the surface until the paint is removed.      

Step 3 – Finish and Fix

After the paint has been removed, you may find that other components will need to be removed, such as caulk, which can be scraped out using a chisel or screwdriver. Make any necessary repairs before repainting.