How to Remove Paint Stains on Parquet Flooring

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Heat gun
Paint removal cleaner

Parquet flooring is increasing in popularity in several homes due to its practicality and the cozy, warm look it provides to a room. However such flooring requires to be cleaned with extra care in order to retain its features and longevity. When difficult stains need to be cleaned from parquet flooring one needs to use the right cleaning procedure to be able to remove them without leaving marks or residue. Paint stains are amongst the toughest types of stains, however if one tries to follow these steps he should manage to carry out a good, successful cleaning job.

Step 1 - Start Scrubbing

Start off by filling a bucket with some warm water and immerse an old, unusable rag, into it. Use the damp rag to rub the affected area. You need to scrub sturdily. The paint stains should slowly start decreasing in number and consistency as you proceed, however this happens if the paint was latex paint and if the stains were caused only a few hours back, since it would still be relatively fresh.

Step 2 - Eliminate Any Residuals With a Putty Knife

When the majority of the paint stains have gone you may still notice that a slight outer stain border still remains, stuck to the floor. In that case use a putty knife to eliminate them. Make sure you use it carefully so as not to leave any marks on the parquet.

Step 4 - For More Persistent Paint Stains

If you are unable to remove these remaining paint borders, consider scraping the area with your putty knife. It is advisable to us a plastic one so as to avoid any abrasions and scratches on the parquet. Scrape steadily until all of the border has been removed.

Step 5 - Rinse With Water

When ready rinse the area with some warm water to remove any scraped paint residue and to bring back your parquet's natural look.

Step 6 - In More Serious Stain Cases Use a Heat Gun

Some paint stains are very persistent. In such cases you may need to use a heat gun to melt away slightly the paint stain making it easier to scrape it off immediately afterwards with a putty knife . However before doing so it is best to contact your parquet floor supplier or manufacturer to check whether this is advisable as some parquet floor finishes may end up getting damaged if a heat gun is used. Also, if you are given the go-ahead, consider to try this procedure on an inconspicuous area to see how far away it is best to hold the heat gun and for how long you can use it on a particular area before any damage may occur.

Step 7 - Use paint Removal Products

If the previous method is not recommendable then you may purchase a specialized paint stain removal cleaner and apply it on the stains. Here again, make sure you check the chemicals of such a product and ask whether it is suitable for your parquet floor so as to avoid any possible damage. 

Make sure you exercise care with whatever method you choose and use the last two methods only as a last resort because they might easily damage your parquet floor permanently.