How to Remove Plantation Shutters

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Spackling paste
Putty knife

Plantation shutters are window blinds made up of slats of wood. These slats are mounted on a solid frame with some amount of gap in between them. Plantation shutters are designed in such a way that they allow free flow of air, provide shade, and give privacy. Plantation shutters were used since the Middle Ages when glasses were not yet common materials for window panes. Plantation shutters acted as barriers prohibiting dust, cold, and heat from entering the home.

When glasses were made commercially available, plantation shutters started losing their popularity. Now plantation shutters are mostly found in old buildings or are used in homes to give them a classic look and feel. At times it becomes necessary to remove plantation shutters. Whether you want to repair and polish the plantation shutters, install new plantation shutters, or want to get rid of them altogether—whatever may be the case—you can remove plantation shutters as follows:

Step 1—Locate Hinges

Plantation shutters are attached to a wooden frame, which is embedded in the wall. Open them fully to expose the hinges, which hold the wooden frame and plantation shutters together.

Step 2Unscrew Hinges

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the hinges from the shutters. If the screws are rusted, put some oil on them and try again. Applying too much of force while unscrewing the hinges may damage the wooden frame, so be careful.  

Step 3Remove Shutters

Once the hinges are unscrewed, shutters can be separated from the wooden frame. It is advisable to use extra help as the shutters might be heavy. If you intend to polish or repair the shutters, then there is no need to proceed to the next step.

Step 4Remove the Wooden Frame

Last step is to remove the wooden frame from the wall. If the frame is screwed onto the wall, simply unscrew it and separate it from the wall. If it is nailed, remove the nails using hammers and separate it from wall using a pry bar. If it is embedded in the wall, then unfortunately you need to get professional help.

Step 5Fill up the Holes with Spackling Paste

Once the frame is removed, it leaves behind empty space or holes, which you will need to fill in. Prepare spackling paste and fill in the holes with a putty knife.

Important Tips

  • Do not discard old plantation shutters immediately. If they have been there for long and are in good shape, someone else might be interested in buying them. Usually people who want to restore old homes or are building new ones in classic styles are willing to buy them at premium prices.
  • Removing plantation shutters can be avoided by replacing a few slats panes with glasses. You can also make plantation shutters look modern by placing glass in the top portion and retaining wooden slats at the bottom.
  • You can also cover the outer side of plantation shutters with glasses and avoid any sort of alteration altogether.