How to Remove Quarter Round Molding

Molding against a blue wall
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-30
What You'll Need
Putty knife

If you are going to install new carpet or laminate flooring you will need to safely remover quarter round molding. Quarter round molding is the molding that sits at the bottom of your baseboards just above the floor. It is called quarter round because if you look at it from the end, it is exactly one forth of a circle. It gives the baseboard and floor a finished look. Many modern homes do not have quarter round molding but homeowners like to add it to give their rooms a more finished, detailed look.

The Process

You will need a hammer, a putty knife with a blade at least three inches and a thin rag. Starting at the end of the room, such as a doorway, put the blade of the putty knife vertically between the quarter round and the baseboard. Insert the rag between these two pieces to keep from damaging your baseboards. Then tap lightly on the handle of the putty knife so it will go between the molding and baseboard. It may take several taps to do this, especially if it has been painted over. You may score the paint with a box knife to ease this step. Go along the quarter round until there is a natural break in the molding such as a corner or mitered edge. Wiggle the putty knife back and forth along this seam until the quarter round pops loose from the wall. Do this all around the room.

To aid in re installing the quarter round, number each piece in order as you remove it around the room. If you happen to break a piece, save it to use as measurement for a new piece.