How to Remove Rust from Metal Tools

What You'll Need
Hot water
Dish detergent
Heavy-duty wire brush
Steel wool or medium-grain sandpaper
An oil substance such as WD-40 or a solvent

Rust is a very common form of corrosion and can be found anywhere, thus, it’s important to know how to remove rust. Since rust can affect almost any metal object, it is necessary to learn more about rust removal methods. The following guide sheds light on two rust removal methods as well as how to prevent rust from developing again.

Step 1: Clean the Tools

Before rust can be removed from the metal tools, it is necessary to clean them first. Any grit or dirt should be removed. Rinsing the outer layer of the metal tool can remove some of the rust that has accumulated over the area. Rinse the outer surface of the metal tool with hot water. Use a dish detergent to remove grease, dirt or stain.

Step 2: Use Wire Brush to Remove Rust

Using a wire brush, scrub the outer surface of the metal tool. Make sure to thoroughly scrub the surface until the rust comes off. It is highly recommended to use a heavy duty wire brush.

Step 3: Rinse the Metal Tool

After scrubbing rinse the metal tool with water again. Check if all of the rust has been removed. Repeat step 2 if there is remaining rust.

How to Remove Rust Inside the Metal Tool

Scrub the Rust Off

Apply sufficient amount of solvent or WD-40 over the tool’s interior. Using the steel wool or the sand paper, scrub the rust off. The sand paper should be applied with force and in thorough circular motions. Repeat both step until all of the rust has completely come off.

Rust Prevention Tips

After removing rust from a number of metal tools, it’s best to learn and initiate procedures that can help prevent the development of rust. The following steps should help prevent rust from developing.

  • Clean all metal tools. Make sure that all dirt and stains are scrubbed off thoroughly after use.
  • Before storing the tools, oil them using a lubricant product or standard lubricating oil.
  • The storage area for metal tools should be dry and well secured. It is best to store them in a place less exposed to harsh elements and other components. The main precursors of rust are oxygen and water so make sure tools are less exposed to these elements.

Aside from the safety precautions, there are also different techniques that can be used to put off rust development. The following materials are necessary for these steps.

  • Porous bag and uncooked rice
  • Desiccant from electronics packaging


Try to save the desiccant that normally comes with the packaging of electric appliances. This can be used to cover the metal tools when not in use.

Uncooked Rice

If a desiccant is not available, an improvised one can be made. Place a sufficient amount of uncooked rice inside a porous bag or similar package. The metal tools may be kept inside the box and placed inside the tool box. When the uncooked rice becomes moist, replace it with a new set. This should help keep the humidity down and prevent rust from forming on the tools.