How to Remove Rust From Vent Covers

What You'll Need
Scotch cloth
Rust remover

If you have vent covers in your rooms, you may notice when they start becoming rusty. Rust is usually caused by moisture hitting the metal and then corroding the cover. This rust can look unattractive and it can also encourage mold or bacteria, so is not a good idea over a ventilation system. Removing it quickly is the best option.

Step 1 - Remove the Vent Cover

Around the edge of the vent cover, you will see a number of small screws. Using your screwdriver, remove these screws and then place them together in a tray or bag to keep them safe. Using the screwdriver or a scraper, you should lift up one side of the vent cover. Pull it up as far as you can and leave the screwdriver in the hole. Pull up the other end using another screwdriver. Once both sides are free, you should be able to easily lift out the cover.

Step 2 - Remove the Rust

You should now be able to remove the rust. Do this by using some rust removing liquid and a piece of scotch or wire cloth. Put the liquid onto the cloth and then wipe down the surface of the cover. The rust should easily come away. You can then replace the vent cover.