How to Remove Rust from Your Battery Charger

What You'll Need
Nonabrasive washcloths
Soft-bristled scrub brush
Expendable toothbrush

If the battery charger for your cell phone, laptop computer or any other device has recently incurred any amount of rust buildup, it is important that you know how to remove rust from it. Rust on battery chargers is quite common, particularly if a charger has fallen prey to one or more paint-penetrating scratches. Fortunately, if treated early enough, you can successfully remove rust from a battery charger in a timely fashion with very little effort.

Step 1 - Remove Any Dust from Your Charger

The first step in how remove rust from a battery charger involves removing any dust from the charger's surface. To do this, gently wipe the rust-laden charger with a nonabrasive washcloth or paper towel until the charger is completely dust-free. Alternatively, this step can be carried out with the aid of a feather duster or mini vac. Removing the dust as a preliminary measure will ensure that it will not get in your way when you are attempting to scrub off the charger-based rust. Of course, you will need to unplug the charger from its power source and host device before proceeding to perform this step or any subsequent steps.

Step 2 - Attempt to Remove the Rust with a Scrub Brush

Now that your rusty charger has been completely purged of dust, you're ready for the second step in how to remove rust from a battery charger. Begin by acquiring a soft-bristled scrub brush or an expendable toothbrush, then gently proceed to run it across any rust deposits using traditional vertical scrubbing motions. Continue in this fashion until all the rust has been successfully removed. This step tends to work best on small rust deposits that have not had a lot of time to set in. So, if it fails to sufficiently combat the rust deposits found on your battery charger, you will need to proceed with the next step in how to remove rust.

Step 3 - Apply White Wine Vinegar to the Rust Deposits

If a soft-bristled scrub brush failed to do the trick, it may surprise you to learn that white wine vinegar can be a highly effective tool for combating battery charger-based rust. To properly utilize vinegar for rust removal purposes, you will need to start by dabbing a relatively small amount of white wine vinegar onto a nonabrasive washcloth. Next, you'll need to carefully spread the vinegar across any rust deposits and allow it to sit for about an hour. This will give the vinegar enough time to successfully penetrate and subsequently lift the rust deposits, making them considerably easier to remove. Once the aforementioned amount of time has passed, use a soft-bristled scrub brush, expendable toothbrush or a nonabrasive washcloth to vigorously wipe away the freshly lifted rust deposits. After your battery charger has been completely purged of rust, give it a thorough drying with a clean nonabrasive cloth before proceeding to reuse it.

The next time one of your battery chargers succumbs to rust buildup, you'll know exactly how to remove rust from it in a simple and stress-free manner.