How to Remove Salt from Salt Spreader Gears

Depending on the size of your salt spreader, the problem of salt clumps can be easy or difficult to fix. Below are some suggestions on how to get your salt spreader working again. 

Materials Needed

-Salt spreader
-Warm space
-Hot water
-Larger container or power washer

Step 1-Warm Up Salt

If your salt spreader is small enough, or if you have a big enough building, take your salt spreader indoors. Often times, once the salt has warmed back up it will loosen up and come out. It can take up to two days to thaw if you have a very large salt spreader, though this may not work for your situation.

 Step 2-Remove Excess Salt

Depending on the type of salt spreader you have, you can dump or scoop out excess salt. Dump it if it is a hand spreader; scoop it if it is similar to a tailgate spreader.

 Step 3-Try To Turn Spinner

Sometimes it can be as simple as turning the spinner to remove the salt that is in the gears. Look to see if there are a few pieces which you can remove or break up by hand.

 Step 5-Turn On Salt Spreaders Vibrator

If your salt spread has a vibrator you should turn it on to try to help loosen the salt up. With a hand held salt spreader , try tapping it repeatedly, this may help to loosen up the salt.

 Step 6- Try Water

If you have removed the excess salt as step 2 advised, you should not have too much salt left in your salt spreader. Now get some hot water to pour into your salt spreader. If it is a smaller handheld or manual walk behind spreader, your best bet would be to soak it in hot water. If you have a much larger salt spreader, clean it with hot water and a power washer.

Never leave salt in your spreader as it causes unnecessary problems. Always use clean, dry, free flowing salt. Make sure your spinner is set to the right height. If the adjustment is off, it can jam the auger. If you have removed all salt and your spreader still is not working, check other parts to make sure they are not broken or in need of repairs. If you leave salt in your spreader too long, it can corrode the gears and make your spreader unusable.