How to Remove Scratches from a Motorcycle Windshield

What You'll Need
A clean towel
Some clean washcloths
Mild dish washing soap
A fine-grade buffer
Glass-plastic polish

Having a scratch-free motorcycle windshield is not only essential in achieving an optimum motorcycle driving experience, it is also necessary to prevent road accidents due to poor windshield visibility. Unlike car windshields, a motorcycle windshield is commonly made of plastic, which could easily be scratched and appear hazy. Regular maintenance is needed to make sure that your motorcycle windshield gives you optimum visibility regardless of whether you are driving on a busy freeway or taking a leisurely drive in the countryside. Follow these instructions to remove scratches from a motorcycle windshield.

Step 1 - Soak the Windshield

Prepare a mixture of mild dishwashing soap by diluting it in water. Using a soft towel, gently apply the mixture to the windshield, making sure that the entire surface is covered. Let the soap mixture stand for a few minutes to make sure that it is soaked well in the windshield.

Step 2 - Dry the Soaked Windshield Area

A man rides a motorcycle.

After the windshield has been soaked for a few minutes, wipe and rinse off the accumulated dirt and suds that were created, using a clean, soft washcloth. Afterwards, dry off the windshield with another clean, soft washcloth. This procedure may be repeated until the windshield is entirely clean even though scratches may still be seen.

Step 3 - Buff the Scratched Areas

For the scratches left on the windshield, gently hand buff the area using a fine-grade buffing material, such as wool. Once done, wipe off the area also with a soft, dry washcloth to clear up the dirt that may come out from the buffing.

Step 4 - Apply a Polishing Compound on the Scratched Area

A parked motorcycle.

After buffing, use a fresh and soft washcloth to apply the polish. There are various kinds of glass and plastic polish available at your local hardware shop. With the chosen polishing compound, dab the dry, soft washcloth into the polish and gently wipe it over the windshield. Concentrate on polishing the areas of your motorcycle windshield where scratches are visible. The polishing compound will not only remove the scratches on your windshield, but it will also clear the windshield of whatever insect trails are left on it.

Step 5 - Dry the Polished Area

When application of the polish is done, the windshield should be left to air-dry for at least an hour. Cover the windshield with a dry, clean cloth or shirt made of cotton to protect it from dirt. Store your motorcycle in a safe area and keep it covered until your next drive.

A good tip that you should take note of is to avoid using paper towels to wipe the windshield of the motorcycle, as this material may cause small scratches on your motorcycle windshield. Using mild dishwashing soap for cleaning your motorcycle windshield instead of glass-cleaning and petroleum-based products is the better option since glass-cleaning solutions contain harsh ingredients which may cause further damage on your motorcycle windshield.