How to Remove Sink Valve Rings How to Remove Sink Valve Rings

What You'll Need
Cut-off valve
Adjustable wrench
Plumbers tape
Channel locks
Sink valve rings

There are several reasons why you would want to replace sink valve rings with the main one being that the rings are causing a major leak in your sinks. For those who have knowledge of plumbing, the process of replacing your sink valve rings can be a  simple process. For people with little knowledge about plumbing, these simple steps can guide you. 

1. Turn off the Water

Turn off the water supply. This will help you avoid unnecessary bathroom floods, wet clothes and hair, and maybe even an unexpected high water bill. 

2. Remove the Supply Line

Now detach the supply line. The adjustable wrench is the best tool for removing the line. The valve and the faucet are connected by this supply line. 

3. Disassemble the Valve

Take the channel locks and use them to firmly grip the nut holding the water line. Next, take the adjustable wrench and use it to turn the valve nut. When it has loosened enough you can remove the valve. Take the valve apart, and remove the old valve rings using a pair of pliers starting with the retainer ring then the O-rings.

4. Reassemble Using the New Valve Rings

The first thing you do when installing the new sink valve rings is to secure the plumbers tape on the threads of the nut that holds the water line. Ensure that it fits perfectly snug so that there are no leaks when the plumbing is all complete. Assemble the valve using the new valve rings. Use a wrench to ensure it is secure but not over tight. Join the supply line with the valve and tighten with your hands and then a wrench. Now everything is in place, you can turn on the water supply back on from the mains.



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