How to Remove Sliding Shower Doors

Shower with sliding glass doors
What You'll Need
Textured work gloves
Rubber mallet
Pry bar
Utility knife
Caulk stripper

Shower doors are a great alternative to shower curtains. However, they are a little more complicated to remove. When your shower door needs a thorough cleaning or a component breaks, you’ll need to use safety and a specific technique to remove them. Shower doors are made from tempered glass and can break, so wear gloves and use caution when handling them. The following information will share with you how to remove the shower doors as well as how to remove the frames.

Step 1 - Remove the Moving Shower Door

bracket on the bottom of a shower door

This is the easiest step because removing a shower door from the frame is an uninvolved process. Look at the track on the bottom. It is made out of aluminum with the edge that faces the inside of the shower being shorter than the one on the other side. Locate the bracket on the bottom track and loosen the screws holding it in place. The top of the shower doors is where you will find the track wheels which allow the doors to slide along the track. To remove the shower doors the secret is to stand inside of the shower and put on your gloves. These textured gloves allow you to get a nice grip on the glass to help prevent them from being dropped. Grab the door closest to you from each end then firmly lift it straight up. The door should lift right off the track. Carefully lean the bottom toward you then lower yourself in order for the shower door to come out of the track.

Step 2 - Remove the Second Door

sliding glass doors on a shower

If your shower has two doors that move, you can remove the second door in the same manner as the first. If, however, you are presented with one moving door and one stationary door you will need to employ a different technique in order to remove it. Look on the side of the wall where the door is mounted. You will see caulking that you can remove using your caulking stripper. Identify the screws holding the mount in place and remove them from the frame. You will either be able to remove this section by lifting and tilting as you did on the first door or you will have to slide it to the open section of track.

Step 3 - Remove the Rails

The door that moves will have a piece of aluminum along the top, bottom and usually the sides. These pieces of aluminum are often filled with caulk then placed on the edges of the glass. Slide the utility knife between the glass and metal and go along the edges on both sides. Now, use the rubber mallet to gently push the metal from the glass. Once loose you can remove them by hand.