How to Remove Small Nails and Brads with a Pincer

What You'll Need
Wood with small nails

If you want to take out small nails or brads, you may find that using a pincer is your best option. Small nails are sometimes difficult to extract using hands or claw hammers, so the best thing that you can use is the pincer. These are rather like pliers, but their grasping ends are round, coming together in the middle. This allows them greater strength.

Step 1 - Using the Pincer

Take the wood with the small nails, and extract as many as you can without using the pincer. You should then pick up your pincer tool, and push the arms apart so that the jaws open. Place the pincer mouth around the head of the small nail, and then squeeze the arms together. The jaws should now hold the head of the nail firmly.

Step 2 - Extracting the Nail

Squeeze down firmly on the pincer, so that the jaws remain locked around the head of the nail. Pull the pincer slowly towards you, so that the nail is drawn out. If you have any trouble pulling out the nail, step to one side, and draw the nail out away from your body, so that you don't accidentally hit or injure yourself when drawing the nail.