How to Remove Super Glue from Laminate Surfaces

An isolated black tub of generic super glue.
What You'll Need
Acetone (nail polish remover)
Razor blade window scraper

Super glue can be a life saver, but when you are using it, you want to be careful not to drop or spill any because it can be very difficult to remove from any surface. The properties of this glue allow it to adhere to the smallest of particles in nearly every kind of material. If you get some on a laminate surface, however, you can remove it with only a few tools and these instructions.

Step 1 - Apply Acetone to the Glue

The most common thing that can reverse the effects of super glue is acetone. It can be found in nail polish remover and some household cleaners. Be sure to read the ingredients on the bottle of whatever you're using so you know that it contains acetone because many nail polish removers do not.

The first thing that you will want to do is loosen the super glue's hold on the counter. Apply acetone to a rag and let it soak on the glue for a few minutes. Focus on the edges because this is what you will be using to get the glob of glue to come loose. While acetone has no odor, other ingredients in nail polish remover can be harmful if breathed for an extended period of time. Be sure to keep your work area properly ventilated.

Step 2 - Get a Flat Blade Under the Glue Edge

In time, you will begin to notice that the edges of the super glue are getting soft. You should get it to a point where the blade can slip between the glue and the counter, creating leverage more so than cutting into the dried adhesive. Then, take your flat-edged blade and work the loosened glue away from the laminate. Keep it as even with the surface as possible to avoid creating gouges. If you are not finding an edge to get the blade under, apply more acetone.

The best blade for this task will be a flat razor blade with a handle that exposes the entire blade surface. This will allow better stability when using the tool and allow you to move it at the correct angle.

Step 3 - Remove any Leftover Stains

The super glue will eventually just pop off, but when it does, it may leave a stain on your counter top from where the glue molecules have set into the surface. This comes from the simplicity of a super glue bonding agent; the glue sticks to the surface, and then in turn sticks to itself to form a stronger bond.

To get rid of it, apply more acetone to your rag, and then vigorously scrub the affected area until it dissipates. The acetone should eat the remaining glue remnants without a problem, leaving your counter the way it was before the tragic spill.