How to Remove Super Glue From Metal

A small tube of super glue with the cap left off.
What You'll Need
Paint scraper

We all know that when super glue falls onto the wrong surfaces, a person could have their patience tested trying to remove it. It can also be an issue when it gets stuck to metal surfaces, just as anything else. There are many methods to combat spilled super glue, and each method has a little variation, depending on the type of material it gets on. Metal surfaces are easier to clean up than plastic or glass and it can be done using products you can find in your home. How easy or difficult it will be to remove depends on the metal's shape and complexity of design, and you may have to repeat some of the steps to remove it completely.

Step 1 - Moisten the Glue With Acetone

The first thing you will want to do is loosen the super glue a little from the metal surface. Take a rag and apply a modest amount of acetone to it. Then, lay it on the problem area, letting it sit for about five or 10 minutes. Do not apply too much acetone; a small amount will do the same measure of work. The key is to loosen the grip of the glue, not actually remove the glue itself. The acetone is simply going to weaken the glue so that it will be more malleable and easier to scrape or hammer loose.

You can find acetone in any number of household cleaning products, but the most common source is fingernail polish remover. Be sure to read the ingredients so you are certain that it contains acetone, as some nail polish removers do not. Once the glue starts to soften up, you are ready to start chipping away at it with a paint scraper or other sharp-edged tool.

Step 2 - Use Your Scraper to Loosen the Glue From the Metal

Once the super glue starts to soften, use your paint scraper to lift and break up the mess. If the piece you are working on can be tapped with a hammer without causing damage, this would actually work better. You can use the hammer to squash the glue, making it let go of the surface more effectively. Once the glue starts to break free, use the scraper to make smaller pieces come loose as well. On a flat metal surface, you can simply tap the treated glue spot with a hammer, which generally will flatten and break the glue apart in chunks.

Step 3 - Clean Up the Glue Residue

Once the bulk of the super glue has been removed, you can apply more acetone to your rag to clean up any remnant glue stains from the metal. Take the scraper and remove anything that has gotten stuck in cracks or on the edges of the metal, and apply more acetone to break the bulk of it loose as needed. With the acetone you can remove any residual glue that may be left behind, which will clean up the stains and remove any trace that a spill occurred.