How to Remove Tamperproof Screws

What You'll Need
The specific tool for those tamperproof screws (the shape of the tool must match the design in the screws)it should come with the screws or be provided by the owner of the item
Electric drill
Water-displacing spray

Tamperproof screws are designed to be nearly impossible to remove by unauthorized people and to deter vandalism in many public works, such as road signs, park benches and playground equipment, manhole covers and the like. To remove these screws, you will need to be the owner of the item or otherwise be authorized to remove them.

    Step 1 - Attach the Tool to the Electric Drill (Optional)

    It's easier to remove tamperproof screws if you use an electric drill; you can literally remove them in seconds. If you choose to use an electric drill, you will need to attach the tool designed for these specific screws into your electric drill. This may not be possible depending on the tool, which could already have a handle attached.

    Step 2 - Unscrew the Screws by Turning Left

    Use the electric drill with the tool or the tool itself to remove the screws. Unscrew them by turning in a counter-clockwise motion. If the screws are very tight, you may have difficulty loosening them at first and can spray water-displacing spray over the screws and allow to soak for thirty minutes.