How to Remove Termites from a Wood Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Insecticide bomb fog
Protective gloves
Garbage bags

A wood coffee table may be prone to termite infestation and if you want to keep the piece, you need to act immediately to eliminate the termites. Termites are difficult to remove, and very often they won’t die but will migrate to different pieces of furniture, so it’s important to identify the source and isolate the wood coffee table and other possibly affected pieces of furniture.

Step 1–Isolate the Table

Firstly, you have to isolate the table to ensure that other pieces of furniture won’t be contaminated. Termites thrive in warm, dark places, so you should place the coffee table outside or in a cold, empty and dry environment.

Step 2Identify the Nests 

You will have to identify the source where the termites live and eliminate the nests which contain the eggs. Eliminating the eggs will ensure that you control the infestation. Dump the nest in a sealed garbage bag or burn it if you have a yard.

Step 3–Set Off the Fog Bomb

Place the insecticide fog bomb ideally a few feet away from the coffee table to avoid damaging the wood. Set off the fog bomb. Some termites won’t die and are likely to migrate to other areas, so it’s important that the area where you set off the bomb only contains plastic or cement, which are not appealing to the termites. Keep the coffee table in this isolated area for 2 to 5 days, and check for termites.

Insecticide sprays may also be used, but they are likely to cause damage to the furniture.