How to Remove the Oil Furnace Firing Assembly for Maintenance-Part 2

What You'll Need
Paint thinner
Old toothbrush
Old rag

The most important piece of the oil furnace is the firing assembly. It has a nozzle that sprays oil into the combustion chamber. When the fan blows air in the chamber, sparks are produced causing the flame to ignite. If a part of this does not work properly, the furnace will not heat. The steps to remove the oil furnace firing assembly are easy to follow. Tools needed and step-by-step guide for the job is listed below.

Step 1 – Remove Oil Line

Firstly, remove the oil line. This will be running from the firing assembly to the pump. 

Step 2 - Remove the Assembly

Unscrew the bolts that mount the assembly. Take out the firing assembly very carefully to keep it from bumping the electrodes against any other part. 

Step 3 – Remove the Spray Nozzle

Put one of the wrenches on the hex nut located on the oil line, and another on the nozzle in order to remove the spray nozzle. Hold the oil line while loosening up the nozzle to remove it. The spray nozzle shoots a certain amount of oil every hour. Therefore refer to your manual regarding the spray pattern. Next, perform maintenance and cleaning before reinstalling the firing assembly.