How to Remove the Power Window Regulator Clips

What You'll Need
Screw driver (flat head, Phillips)
Driver or wrench (10mm socket)
Duct tape

Sometimes the power window regulator requires some maintenance. There can be an accumulation of dust particles over time which may require cleaning, or simply a maintenance check to know if the power window regulator clips are still in good condition. This article will aid in removing the power window regulator clips. Following the guidelines below will enable you to do this precisely.

Step 1 – Removal of Inner Door Panel

Remove the trim panel of the inner door. It will expose the connections of wirings to the stock speakers. You can do this easily since the inner panel is mostly snap type, although you should proceed with caution especially if the level of your experience concerning this method is minimal. You may use the flat screw driver to help you gradually snap each section of the panel that is tightly in place. In doing this you will also have to be careful in detaching the control panel for the window, as it goes with the inner door panel.

Step 2 – Disconnection of Connectors

Unplug the harness connector of the woofer at its top, followed by that of the rear view mirror and tweeter. Detach the harness from its carrier. Next, with the aid of a flat screwdriver take out the grommets. There will be two that are made of rubber covering the holes where the power window regulator clips are accessed.

Step 3 – Ensure Visibility of Power Window Regulator Clips

In order for you to maximize the visibility of the power window regulator clips on the access holes, raise the window using the other doors’ control panel since the panel at the door you are working with has been detached.

Step 4 – Temporary Support for the Glass Window

Before you think about removing the regulator clips, set a rag at the doors’ top and fasten a duct tape, covering outside the window all over the top and up to the inner part of the window. It will be best if this is applied diagonally with opposing tape applications. From time to time, you should check if the tape is holding to prevent shattering the glass. You have to take note that some tapes may not have the capacity to hold the glass. Therefore, you have to anticipate this and consider the quality of the duct tape that you are about to use.

Step 5 – Removal of the Clips

Next, unscrew the bolt that locks the power window regulator clips to the glass window. You are now adept at removing the power window regulator clips. Practically, this is how it is done. It may vary according to the type of vehicle that you have. The important thing is that you have an idea how to do this.