How to Remove Threadlocker

There are two kinds of threadlocker, permanent and removable. Although permanent threadlocker may be more difficult to remove, in many applications it can be removed with minimal harm to the screw or bolt.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Heat Source (soldering iron or industrial blow dryer capable of 300+ degrees farenheit)
  • Methylene Chloride
  • Impact driver
  • Wrench and pipe
  • Oil and grease solvent (such as WD-40)
  • Lint free cloth

Step 1-Clean Bolt or Screw

Using solvent, clean the head of the bolt or screw and wipe clean and dry with soft cloth to remove all oil, grease.

Step 2-Heat Bolt or Screw

If you're removing a bolt or screw secured with removable threadlocker, apply heat to the head of the screw or bolt. Allow the bolt to warm up for 3-to-4 minutes while using a wrench at the same time to loosen the bolt. If the bolt or screw is loosened apply more heat and keep working it loose. If there is no movement of the screw or bolt with heat allow the bolt to cool and use a chemical release.

Step 3-Use Chemical Release

After cleaning your bolt or screw and attempting to loosen threadlocker with heat, you may need to use a chemical release for better results. Use Methylene chloride or WD-40. Follow manufacturer's directions.