How to Remove Tint from Residential Glass How to Remove Tint from Residential Glass

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Blades for the knife
Window tint removal solution
Window cleaner
Paper towels

Tint is most commonly found on car windows, but there are a lot of people that have it on residential glass as well. If you are one of those people, follow the guide below to remove old tint safely and effectively.

Step 1 - Understand the Tint

In case you are unaware of how tint works in the first place, it is basically applied like wallpaper on your windows. A layer of tinted film is sprayed to adhere with the window, and then it is smoothed on for a flat finish. In removing this, you are trying to take the process in reverse.

Step 2 - Pull up the Corners

Using your utility knife, gently pry up an upper corner of the tint. Be sure that you do not scratch the glass along the way. Peel it down a little bit, and then do the same to the other corner at the top of the window. Peel it down just enough to have a handle to hold onto.

Step 3 - Begin Peeling off the Tint

Using the "handles" you've created, begin peeling the tint off each corner simultaneously. Pull each corner towards the middle of the window. Once everything has come together, reposition yourself to pull the tint down horizontally. Peel the remaining film downward.

Step 4 - Look for Leftovers

Some tint may still be on the window. Simply use your utility knife like you did on the corners and pry all remaining pieces off. Again, be careful not to scratch the window. It's easy to do on the little pieces that may remain.

Step 5 - Get Rid of the Adhesive

Since you likely have a sticky substance left on your windows, spray the window film removal solution on the residential glass. Follow the instructions on the solution to determine how liberal you want to apply everything. Let it set for a minute, and then use a clean rag to wipe it down. If the window still appears to have adhesive on it, repeat the process.

Step 6 - Clean the Windows

After the windows are free of the stickiness, use window cleaner to get them back to the sparkling shine they once had. Dispose of the old tint in the appropriate waste bin and clean up your area. Now you have a tint-free window.

Step 7 - Re-tint the Windows (Optional)

If you are looking to apply a new layer of tint to your residential glass, now might be the best time, before potential dirt can build up on the surface. The tint you purchase should come with installation instructions, but most of them will tell you to spray soapy water to the back of the film and Put it flat on the glass. Using a flat tool, smooth out all of the bubbles. Allow the tint to set for awhile before touching it. Full setting of the tint may take weeks, but you should be able to use the window between 24 and 72 hours.

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