How to Remove Vinyl Siding

What You'll Need
vinyl siding remover tool
claw hammer

There are many reasons to want to remove vinyl siding. Whether your vinyl siding is damaged and needs to be replaced, or you simply want to make a switch to a different type of siding, you will need to know how to remove your current vinyl siding correctly and efficiently. No matter what your personal level of experience is, it still requires the correct knowledge, planning and strategies if you want to be successful. What follows should give you all of the information that you need to remove your own vinyl siding.

Step 1 - Planning

In order to remove a section of vinyl siding, the first thing you must do is to select the section that you plan to remove. Once you have identified the section that you wish to remove, find the seam above it. In order to expose the nails holding the section of vinyl siding you wish to remove in place, you will have to raise this section.

Step 2 - Remover Tool

In order to raise the section of vinyl siding above the piece you wish to remove, you will have to use your vinyl siding remover tool.

Slide your vinyl siding remover tool into the gap between the top of the piece you wish to remove and the section above it. You should be able to unhook the section of vinyl siding so it hangs freely. If you have trouble doing this, slide it back and forth until you find a loose section that you can fit your vinyl siding remover tool. Often, the edges of each section of siding will have a loose spot, so try at a corner if you have trouble. Otherwise, you will simply have to use trial and error. Once you have a section of vinyl siding unhooked, repeat the process until the entire section hangs freely. You may have more luck simply leaving the vinyl siding remover tool inside and sliding it across the length of the vinyl siding section, popping it out as you go.

Step 3 - Removing Nails

Now that the upper section of your vinyl siding has been detached, you should be able to lift it up and expose the top of the section of siding you wish to remove. Doing this will expose the nails holding your problem section of siding in place. Before you remove the nails, mark where your section of siding is placed using your pen. This will make it much easier to install a new piece of siding when you do so in the future, saving you a great deal of work and measurement.

Use your claw hammer to remove the nails one at a time. Once you have removed all of the nails holding your piece of vinyl siding in place, you should have no trouble detaching your piece of vinyl siding from your home. If you wish to remove more sections of vinyl siding, you should start with the highest one and move downward because this will allow you to skip a step by exposing the nails of the section below the one you remove.