How to Remove Wallpaper from Wood

What You'll Need
Plastic sheets
Wallpaper removal solvent

For decorative purposes, wallpaper on wood paneling can make for a very beautiful finish in a room. Wallpaper is cheaper and available in various colors, designs, and qualities than most other finishes. We shall look at the best way to remove wallpaper, the items required to get the work done, and other tips.

1. Work Area

Begin by clearing the work area of furniture that may get in the way or get stained while the job gets done. After clearing the area, place the plastic sheets on the floor or other surfaces so as to cover them.

2. Striping

Look for a loose edge coming off and start there. You can get most of the wallpaper off in this manner leaving only glue and some backing paper.

3. Soaking

Soak the remaining wall paper as well as the wall paper backing with water and wallpaper removal solvent. Using a sponge soak the walls until they are well saturated. Re soak severely to get all the wallpaper off.

4. Scraping

When soaked use the scrapper to remove the paper and where necessary, soak a section until you are able to have all the paper come off. Scrap gently so that you do not scratch the wood or damage it.

5. Scrubbing

Next use a scrubbing brush to clean off the wood. Use a brush that will not damage the wood and clean out grooves.