How to Remove Wax from Ceramic Tile

blue patterned Ceramic tile
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need

If you are going to remove wax stains from a ceramic tile, you have to be careful not to scratch the glazing. Ceramic tiles are popular materials for home decoration, and there are a lot of patterns and colors that you can choose from. The fact that they are glazed also makes them one of the easiest surface to clean.

Step 1 - Scrape the Wax

Using the side of the spoon, scrape off excess wax on the ceramic tile. Using a spoon is essential since its rounded edge will not scratch the glazing of the tile. Use the utensil to remove heavy wax layers.

Step 2 - Apply the Sponge

Get hot water and soak the sponge in it. Press the sponge on the wax stain and hold it there for around 30 seconds. Scrub the sponge over the wax stain afterwards. Alternate between rubbing with the sponge and wiping the wax with a rag.

Step 3 - Remove Leftover Wax

To remove any remaining wax, rub it off with an eraser like you would do with using the eraser on paper. The rubber that composes the eraser will stick with the wax, allowing you to wipe it off completely from the ceramic tile surface.