How to Remove Window Crank Handles

Window crank handles enables you to open and close the window of your car. When you take a look at the handle, it may seem quite difficult to remove if you haven’t done it before. You may think that trying to remove it could damage the sidings or the gear mechanism behind it. However, it is really a simple process that anyone can do.


  • Window Crank Separator Device

Step 1: Fitting the Separator Device

First off, you need to get your separator device which can be bought in most auto supply shops in your area. It is a piece of flat metal or hard plastic that has a v-shape-like cut on one end, making the thing look like a letter “Y.” You need to slip the v-shaped cut between the small gap where the handle meets the door siding. Make sure not to damage the siding.

Step 2: C-Clip Removal

With the device in place, keep wriggling the handle back and forth clockwise and counter clockwise until the C-Clip which holds the handle to the gear comes off. You actually have to “catch” the C-Clip into the separator device in order for it to be removed. Expect it to fly off when it comes loose.

Step 3: Removal of the Handle

With the C-Clip off, you should now be able to remove the window handle. It may take a little effort but be patient. Remember not to try to remove the handle by pulling the arm, otherwise it might break off. Pull the window crank handle on the round base portion, twisting and wiggling it gently until it comes off completely.