How to Remove Wine Stains from Denim

What You'll Need
Dish washing liquid
Rubbing Alcohol

There are several ways to remove wine stains from denim. If you spill a little red or white wine on your favorite jeans, don’t panic. They can look as good as they did before.

Step 1 - Vinegar

As soon as possible, use white vinegar to dampen a clean cloth and blot the stained area thoroughly. After doing this it’s important to put the denim in the washer as soon as possible to fully get rid of the stain. You’ll see that the vinegar will eliminate most of it. With bigger stains soak the garment overnight in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and then wash.

Step 2 - Rubbing Alcohol

Lay the stained area face down on a towel. Put rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and blot the back of the denim with it to remove the wine stains. Put the garment in the washer as soon as possible.

Step 3 - Dish washing Liquid

Put some dish washing liquid on a dry cloth and rub to remove the wine stains from the denim. Rub thoroughly and then rinse the denim well to remove the wine stains before putting the denim in the washing machine.