How to Remove Wood Deck Tiles How to Remove Wood Deck Tiles

What You'll Need
Deckwood removal tool

Wood deck tiles can make any room or space, from the attic to the garden, look attractive and tidy. This type of tiling is very easy to install. In the event that your style tastes change or the wood tiles look dated, removal is also easy. There is no need to seek the help of a professional in removing wood deck tiles; all it takes is a few minutes and the appropriate tools.  

Step 1: Remove All the Furniture

Before removing the wood deck tiles, clear all furniture from the room. Be sure to carefully take out all the items that sit on the wood deck, including tables and chairs. Secure in a safe place since they will be returned after you have put up a new deck.

Cover up vents before proceeding. This will prevent dust from messing up the ventilation system.

Step 2: Remove the First Tile

The key is to start from one end of the deck going into the middle, then finishing with the other side. This is a much better way than beginning in the middle and finishing on either side. This method will also allow you to take all the wood tiles quickly.

Use a screwdriver help in removing any screws that may have been used to secure the tiles. Make sure that the screws are completely removed before proceeding to remove the tiles. In case the screws have been rusted badly that it becomes impossible to remove them without breaking, the tiles may have to be forcibly pried to remove them out from the deck.

Use a hammer to remove any nails that were used to secure the tiles before attempting to remove them. You can use the claw portion of a hammer; a crowbar can also help in easily removing the nail attached to the deck board.

Step 3: Use a Deck Wood Removal Tool

There is also a tool that is specially designed to help homeowners in replacing damaged or rotten deck tiles; specifically, the deckboard wood removal tool is designed to remove old tiles in a few minutes. It is slipped under the board to straddle the joint. With its long handle, the tool provides sufficient leverage to make it easy for anyone to remove the wood deck tiles. The steel head also rotates in two directions; it has a fiberglass handle that makes it easy for anyone to grip and control the tool. This special tool can be purchased over the Internet and in most local hardware stores.

Once the tiles have been removed from the deck, one can proceed with the installation of a new deck--perhaps made of another wood, plastic or ceramic. Whatever the case, wood deck tiles can also be re-used or re-arranged according to the requirements of the homeowner.

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