How to Remove Wood Glaze

What You'll Need
Short piece of cloth
Glaze remover

In most of the furniture and in other wooden product, wood glaze is a very common thing and the wood is polished to give this glaze for enhancing the beauty of the product. In many cases for the purpose of exporting or handling of wood, mill glaze is there and after purchasing new blocks of wood this must be removed. In case of polished furniture you might also need to remove the wood glaze for re-polishing it or for some other purpose.

Step 1: Preparation

There are various glaze removers available in the market, which is suited for this purpose. After you have purchased a glaze remover, for using it, mix it with a bucket of cold, clean water. For the proportion of water that you need to use, check out the direction given.

Step 2: Applying it

Spray this solution on the part of the wood where you do not want the glaze. You can also apply this solution by using a cloth and wipe it on the surface of the wood.

Step 3: Finishing the Process

Allow this solution to set on the wood for the recommended time and then use the cloth to wipe it till the surface is dry. Allow the surface to dry completely by keeping it exposed in air for some time and you will see the wood glaze is gone.