How to Remove Wood Oil Finish from Wood Furniture

Wooden dining table and chairs
  • 3-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Steel wool

Wood oil finish is great as a varnish, but if you are planning to remove it, it can be difficult.

Step 1 - Use Turpentine

With a rag, rub turpentine over the surface of the wood. You want to make sure the floors are completely covered with a cloth in order to protect them from the turpentine spills and drips.

Step 2 - Sand

You want to sand the wood’s surface with steel wool. Make sure to have plenty of steel wool pads because the oil can ball up inside the steel.

Step 3 - Wipe

Now you can wipe off the wood oil with a clean rag. Keep using a clean rag until the entire surface is wiped down. Repeat sanding with the steel wools and continue to wipe with a rag until all of the oil is removed.

Step 4 - Sand with Light-Grain Sandpaper

Once the oil is cured, you can sand the wood’s surface with sandpaper.

Step 5 - Wipe

Wipe the entire surface of the wood using a clean rag.

Step 6 - Sand

You will want to sand down to the wood. Alternate sanding and wiping with a clean rag. Be sure to sand all the way down to the wood to remove all of the oil.