How to Renew a Timber Deck

What You'll Need
Replacement wood
Wood filler
Hammer or Screwdriver
Nail set
Replacement nails or screws
Tape measure
Hydraulic jack
1/4 -inch scrap plywood
Cinder block
Small pry bar
Paint roller
Paint tray

A timber deck allows you to enjoy outdoor gatherings, but like anything made from wood, a timber deck can begin to see the signs of use. Stain can fade, hardware loosens and wood can break and warp. These repairs can be easily accomplished on your, own and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Determine Damage

Many things can be of issue with a timber deck. Measure the length and width of the boards that make up the floor of the deck. Do the same for any steps and railings. Look for loose screws or nails, warped boards, using the level, any breaks or cracks and damaged supports underneath the timber deck.

Step 2 – Supports

If you’ve found a bad support, you need to replace it. Put a cinder block next to the bad brace and place the jack on top of it. Raise the jack until it’s close to the brace under the deck. Slide the plywood on top, and then gently raise the jack until it touches the brace, another crank or two will lift the brace. Remove the bolts, nails or screws from the brace that connect to the support. Do the same where the support meets the concrete pier. Slide the new support in place, using the level to make sure it's accurate, and then replace the bolts in the pier. Gently lower the jack, and once the brace is on the support secure it with nails, bolts or screws that are slightly larger than the previous ones.

Step 3 – Deck, Steps and Railings

Since a timber deck is made out of wood you need to address these issues quickly. For cracks in wood, simply fill them with wood filler and then sand it flush to the wood once it dries. For any wood that is warped or cracked beyond repair you will need to replace it. Use the pry bar to remove the damaged wood. Replace the damaged pieces with pressure treated lumber by nailing or screwing them in place.

Step 4 – Nails and Screws

Loose boards on a timber deck are just as bad as missing boards. If the boards are screwed in place simply remove them with a screwdriver and then replace them with a slightly larger screw. Squeeze a little wood filler in the holes prior to tightening the screw and then add wood filler on top of the screw. Nails are difficult to remove so a nail set comes into play. Place the nail set over the loose nails and hammer. This pushes the nail further into the wood. Fill the hole with wood filler.

Step 5 – Stain

If you choose to stain the timber deck now is the time. Pour the stain in a paint tray and apply it with a paint roller. After the first layer has dried you can then apply a second layer.