How to Repaint a Metal Patio Bench

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What You'll Need
Air compressor
Spray gun
Rust Remover
Mild Detergent
Rust-proof Paint
Mineral Spirit
Steel wool
Wire Brushes

A patio provides a most relaxing place for breathing fresh air or sipping some drinks while sitting on metal patio bench. All furniture used in the patio is durable as it has to face the hard weather conditions. Many people use metal furniture in patio for this reason. The vintage metal furniture is most elegant and durable. Nothing can beat its charm and it always looks wonderful. However, you need to maintain it by cleaning and refinishing by repainting. There is a need to re-paint a metal patio bench when the paint is old and peeling off. Actually, repainting should be a regular maintenance task, done yearly or once every two years. Patio benches are exposed to external elements such as weather and oxidation. With time,the paint will peel off and the metal will be exposed to rust. To prevent the rusting of iron benches,you should repaint them to provide a new protective coating. Follow these tips to easily refinish your metal patio benches:

    Step 1: Removing Non-metal Parts

    Take off any rubber tips from the benches. Also remove the upholstery and cushioning.

    Step 2: Washing and Cleaning

    Wash the metal benches using a mild detergent and let it dry. The detergent should effectively loosen dirt and mold sticking to the metal. It will also remove the apparent rust that formed on the metal surface.

    Step 3: Scraping and Brushing Off

    Rub the surface with a scraper and metal wire brush to remove all chipped or flaked paint and the rust. If the paint is bubbled, it indicates rust formation underneath. These flakes can be easily scraped with a metal scraper and brushed off.

    Step 4: De-Rusting with Chemicals

    Remove heavy rust using a commercial rust remover. These de-rusting chemicals are easily available at almost all hardware stores. These chemicals are most effective to remove any heavy rust from the metal furniture. You should handle these chemicals carefully because they are corrosive. Always read and follow the safety instructions from the manufacturers.

    Step 5: Rust Proofing

    Apply rust proofing solution to the benches after rust removal of rust. Some rust proofing applications require dipping the items in the rust proofing chemicals for treatment.

    Step 6: Primer Coating

    Spray a coat of metal primer on the benches. It is better to apply a coat of primer for better protection, particularly, if the metal is corroded excessively.

    Step 7: Repainting the Benches

    Repaint your metal benches with rust proof paint with a brush or spray after the rust proofing is over. Never stop with a single coat. Apply minimum two or three coats of paint to cover the surface completely and uniformly. Let each coat dry properly before starting the next coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely for 24 hours. Rub the surface gently with steel wool and metal wax polish to make it smooth.

    Step 8: Re-fixing the Removed Parts

    Resemble your furniture. Fix back the rubber tips and cushions you had removed from the benches.