How to Repaint Aluminum Gutters

What You'll Need
Dishwashing liquid

At some point, you may need to repaint your aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters can start to look bad over time, and repainting them can provide you with gutters that look like new again. Here are the basics of how to successfully repaint aluminum gutters.

Step 1 - Scrape the Gutters

Start out by getting on a ladder and using a scraper to remove loose paint. Do your best to remove as much of the old paint as you possibly can from the gutters.

Step 2 - Clean the Gutters

Then you should thoroughly clean the gutters. Put some dishwashing liquid and water into a bucket. Then use this bunch to scrub down the surface of the gutters. Sometimes, you may need to use a scraper again to remove loose paint that has become apparent.

Step 3 - Prime the Gutters

You will then need to apply a quality primer to the gutters before painting them. Make sure that the gutters are dry from cleaning before applying the primer. Consider using an acrylic primer for best results.

Step 4 - Paint the Gutters

Allow plenty of time for the primer to dry. Then you should get back on a ladder and paint the gutters with an acrylic paint. Do not paint when sunlight is directly on the gutters. Wait until the sun has moved a bit and the area is shady.