How to Repaint Industrial Work Tables How to Repaint Industrial Work Tables

What You'll Need
Industrial Work Table
Paint Stripper
Soap and Water
Stiff Brush

While industrial work tables are not a common choice for home office furnishings, they can certainly be used to function as a table or desk. These unique tables may be made of wood, iron or any other sturdy material. Repainting simply requires you to clean the desk, strip any existing paint off of it and repaint the desk with a new coat. Follow the steps below to successfully repaint any industrial work table for home use.

Step 1: Acquire a Table and Materials

You can probably find an industrial work table at an old warehouse or salvage yard. Depending on the type of business that you operate out of your home office, you may be able to obtain a reduced price or free table.

Step 2: Clean the Table

Clean the table to prepare it to have the paint stripped off. Start with a bucket of warm or hot water with a mild detergent soap. Thoroughly scrub the table to remove and grease, grime or other buildup. Remove any old nails or other components.

If your table is metal, scrub the top with steel wool and a alcohol-based solution designed to remove any rust or other corrosion on the surface. If the table is made from wood, use a sander to remove the finish and sand the surface smooth before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Strip the Old Paint

Apply an industrial strength paint remover and to all surfaces of the table. Read the instructions on the paint stripper packaging. You may need to allow it to sit on the table for a period of time, maybe several hours, before you can strip the paint. Use the appropriate type of paint stripper relative to the type of surface that you are working with, whether paint, wood or another material.

Step 4: Apply the New Paint

Use a metallic paint for a metal table or wood paint for a wood table. Choose a color that complements the decor of your home office. Apply 1 coat of primer, and then a coat of paint. Allow the first coat to completely dry, and check your work for any missed spots before attempting to apply a second coat.

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