How to Repair a Baseball Hat How to Repair a Baseball Hat

Most people own at least one baseball hat. What do you do when they get dirty, or need repairs? Now you can fix them yourself with these simple tips.

Use Adhesive on Logo

A lot of times the logo on the front of the baseball hat will begin to wear off. When this happens use some fabric adhesive, or even some hot glue, and stick it back on. Leave a little bit of weight on it, a book would work fine, for 30 minutes and you are good to go.

Sew Had Adjuster

If you have had your baseball hat for some time you will have a problem with the cloth adjuster ripping. Once it rips all the way your hat will not fit anymore. Take the end of the adjuster and sew it to the inside edge of the hat band. You will need to readjust it a little bit after.

Velcro After Plastic Tab Breaks

A lot of hats, instead of the cloth adjustment strap have a plastic one with little plastic stubs for securing the flap. Those plastic stubs break. If they have broken on you, simply add a strip of Velcro to the plastic tabs. Use strong adhesive, like Super Glue, to adhere both sides of the Velcro


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