How to Repair a Basket Weave Fence

What You'll Need
2-by-2 spacers
1-by-6 fence boards
deck screws

Repairing a basket weave fence is as simple as building one in the first place and are easy to do.

Step 1 - Check for Wear and Tear

Study your basket weave fence and check for any signs of rot. Check for any loose screws or broken boards, as both will need to be replaced. Keep note of the loose screws, they well be replaced later on.

Step 2 - Replace Spacers and Fence Boards

In your basket weave fence, 2-by-2 spacers will be located between 1-by-6 fence boards. Sizes may vary, so make sure you measure the sizes if you are in doubt. Replace any boards or spacers that are broken.

Step 3 - Replace Nails

Then ends of the wooden boards are nailed into place on posts. Replace any missing nails.

Step 4 - Remove Rotten Posts

Saw down any rotted ends. Nail boards on the bottom and leave the boards one inch above the ground to keep the wood dry. Apply a stain/coating to the wood to prevent future rot.