How to Repair a Brace on a Folding Chair

What You'll Need
Mechanical fasteners
Screw driver

Braces in a folding chair can break or even bend due to frequent use. Braces help the chair to keep firm in the sitting position. If the braces loosen or bend, the folding chair may not be safe to use. It is better to repair the braces of your folding chair before the bend or slacken worsens.

Step 1: Choose the right tool

If your folding chair is steel or metal use a screw driver. If your folding chair is rexin kind use a mechanical fastener.

Step 2: Position the chair

Place the chair upside down leaning against a wall for support. It would be easy to fix the braces when the chair is placed upside down.

Step 3: Fix the brace

In case of a steel folding chair, use the screw driver to loosen the nut of the brace. If the braces are not bent but loosened then remove the nut and replace it again. Fix the screw with your hand and rotate till it sits properly. Once the screw is fixed then tighten it again with the screw driver. In case of a rexin folding chair, use the mechanical fastener to remove the nut and replace it with a new nut. 

If the braces of the folding chair are bent then it has to be replaced with a new one.