How to Repair a Brick Mailbox

While brick and mortar are among the oldest used and strongest of building materials, the repair of brick structures ultimately will be necessary at some point. There are a number of reasons a brick structure, including a brick mailbox, will eventually need repair: shifting foundations or underlying soil, weather, the occasional accident. Whatever the cause, repair of brick and mortar does not need to be an ordeal.

Repairing Damaged Mortar

If the damage or decay is localized to a small area of mortar, the damaged mortar can be removed by carefully chiseling it out. If the mortar is very hard, a masonry drill bit can be used to break it up a little bit first. Mortars come in a variety of colors, so choose the replacement color closest to the existing mortar, and select a sanded mortar. Mix the mortar according to package directions. The mortar should be the consistency of toothpaste. Let the mortar sit for approximately 10 minutes before application. Fill the gaps with the new mix, making sure there are no air pockets. Some people find a cake icing tube works well to get it in small spaces.

Repairing or Replacing Damaged Brick

If the bricks are also damaged, replacing them is a relatively easy fix. Reuse any bricks that are in good condition. Remove the damaged bricks. Lay new mortar and insert the bricks following the same pattern to the rest of the structure.