How to Repair a Brick Patio Fireplace How to Repair a Brick Patio Fireplace

What You'll Need
Narrow chisel
Stiff wire brush
Mortar mix
Silicone caulk

A brick patio fireplace is an accent to any home, but when they are in need of repair they can cause your patio to look old and rundown. Broken and missing pieces can also cause various forms of hazards; such as smoke and gas fumes escaping into your living space and collapsing of the entire fireplace. In either case there is no need to replace the fireplace, or to even hire a mason to fix the problems, because repairing your brick patio fireplace is an easy task that most homeowners can accomplish within an hour or so.

Step 1 - Remove Loose Debris

Before even attempting to repair your brick patio fireplace be sure that it is clean and that all of the loose debris is removed. Use a stiff wire brush and scratch the main pieces of broken mortar and brick out. Any loose pieces that do not crumble out need to be forced out with a small chisel and hammer, chipping it away slowly as you work. Make sure that all the broken pieces are removed and clean out as much of the loose particles as you can.

Step 2 - Apply the Mortar

Mix a small batch of mortar, estimating how much you can apply since it sets fast, and begin pressing into place with a trowel. Work one section at a time. Make sure that you do not add too much, and that you do not make a mess with the mortar on the bricks, because it is very hard to get off after it has curried. When doing this step, follow the existing pattern that already existed and form the new mortar to match.

When working on seams that run horizontally, begin from the left side and work your way to the right. Always start from the top seam first, working your way down as you go. When working with a joint that runs vertically, begin at the left side of the brick fireplace and work from the top, working your way down as you form the new mortar.

Step 3 - Clean

In order to have a finished brick patio fireplace that looks like new you have to clean around the areas that you have repaired. Wait until the mortar has completely dried and then take a wire brush and scratch off all of the excess amounts. Be careful around the joints, because if you chip out the mortar that you have spread into them you will have to redo the first steps.

Repairing a brick patio fireplace is an easy task that can not only improve the overall look of the surrounding areas of the house, but it will improve the performance of the fireplace itself. If the fireplace is in such bad shape, that the bricks themselves need to be removed and replaced, then you can do this as you work. Simply cut the entire brick out with a hammer and chisel, add a layer of mortar around all the sides of the opening, and push the new brick into place. 

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