How to Repair a Broken Ceiling Fan Blade

What You'll Need
Insulated Gloves
Tool Box
New Fan Blade
Screw Driver
Tool Box

Whether due to regular use or an indoor game of football, a ceiling fan blade might be damaged. You don't need an electrician to make the repair. You can repair or replace the blade yourself. Beyond obvious signs of damage, be aware of whether your ceiling fan makes odd noises or wobbles. These can be signs that a blade has been damaged.

Step 1: Detection of the Broken Part

Find out the exact location of the broken ceiling fan blade. Closely inspect if the fan is malfunctioning due to a broken ceiling fan or some other cause. 

Step 2: Turn off the Power

While working with any electrical appliance, the basic safety guidelines need to be adhered. Switch off the fan and wait till the blades come to complete rest. Turn off the circuit to ensure that the fans are not connected to any electrical current. To ensure your safety, wear insulated gloves that can protect you from minor shocks. 

Step 3: Take off the Blades

Each ceiling fan blade is attached to the center with screws. Slowly unscrew them form the broken ceiling fan blade. Ask someone to hold the broken ceiling fan blade while you are working on  the screws to give support to the same. Ideally, each blade is joined with 3 to 4 screws. Unscrew each one and then dismount the broken ceiling fan blade. 

Step 4: Detect the Nature of Problem

Check the state of the broken ceiling fan blade. If you see, that only apart is chipped or there is a crack , then you can simply use adhesive to join the chipped parts. If the blade is completely corroded and broken into pieces, then it is advisable to get a new one. 

Step 5: Buying a New Ceiling Fan Blade

In extreme cases, the ceiling fan blade might have to be replaced. In such cases, go to a hardware store and ask them for fan blades. Ensure that the new fan blades are of the same make as the fan. A number of factors need to be looked into, like the thickness, length and width of each blade. Also ensure that the pattern matches with the existing blades. Chances are that you will not be able to find a stand alone ceiling fan blade. In that case, you might have to replace the entire fan. 

Step 6: Install the New Ceiling Fan Blade

Install the new fan blade and carefully mount it with help of screws. Ensure that someone holds the blade while you mount it, for support. Firm the screws using a screw driver. 

Step 7: Check for Balance

One of the biggest problems associated with a ceiling fan is that it wobbles. Check for stability before moving to the next step. Simply twirl the ceiling fan blades and check if the blade affixed is stable. 

Step Eight: Turn on the Power

Switch on the circuit before switching on the fan. Test it carefully.